My name is Adrian Milag, Author of this Blog; I’m also a Preacher, Blogger, an Online Entrepreneur and a proud single dad!

I created this Blog for One Purpose to “I Live To Bless And Inspire Every Filipino Dreamer” and I want to share my personal story , maybe we have the same experience in life and I hope it will help you and it can change your life radically, I believe this is not a coincidence that you are here right now.

I believe this is a divine plan for your life, maybe because you’re looking for an answer of something that bothers you. I believe that we are a spiritual being and we are here on earth not by accident, but with a unique purpose that only you are destined for it and no one else can play your role, yes you heard it right only you!

So please don’t withhold this world of the potential you have! I believed that God has a big plan for your life because He created you by His own image and likeness (Genesis 1:27)that’s why you have the power to create your future and to have a better life with your family and your love ones. God wants to prosper you and for you to have an abundant life.

“Some Information about Me”

I’m a single father of a very beautiful and adorable daughter, her name is Rhianne and I really love to play with her every day and to have quality time with her because for me, it’s not about telling your children that you love them, it’s by giving your time with them because it’s the loudest voice that you’re saying I LOVE YOU!!

I become part of Radical Training course Batch 4 of Light of Jesus Family (Bro Bo Sanchez’s Community) and School of Leadership batch 4; it’s an extensive training in the areas of character, ministries and leadership. I also preach every Sunday at Feast Imus.

My Blog was also featured in the recent Philippine Business Congress 2018 as one of their media partner and it’s all about innovation in the digitized world.

I was also awarded as one of the TOP AFFILIATES of Bo Sanchez Truly Rich Club

“My Life Being a Nurse”

My story started when I entered college and took up Bachelor of Science in nursing because my primary  reason is to go abroad to earn dollar, common ba? 🙂 Because at that time when I was still studying, nursing is really a big shot in U.S and European country. I graduated at year 2009 and passed the board exam. I really love to become a nurse because something inside awakes me and that is to serve and to help people in my own little way especially when I had my duty in public hospital, that was when I took care of my patient and was being told“Sir thank you sobra! Malaki ang  naitulong mo samin kahit mahirap lang kami iniintindi mo kami”. And whenever I hear that from them I was really touched because someone appreciated my effort even in little way and it was a humbling experienced for me that my problem becomes so small whenever they told me their own personal story.

I never forget this one little cute girl when I had my duty at National Mental Health Hospital when I was still a student. We were assigned in the ward of this group of teenage girls and I talked to this little girl and she told me “ Kuya siguro mayaman kayo, kasi napapag-aral ka ng magulang mo ako iniwan na ako ng mga magulang ko hindi na nila ako pinupuntahan dito” , I pitied her and I wanted to cry that time and before we leave on that said institution she told me “Kuya balik ka dito ah masaya kasi ako kapag may kumakausap sakin”.

That moment in my life was life changing and deep changed within me and I promised to myself when I become rich and successful I will help those people. My goal that time was to really pursue my nursing career and go abroad to earn dollars.

At the age of 21 I became a father, that time I’m still a volunteered nurse because of too many nurses in the Philippines, they cannot accommodate all the new registered nurses so we should wait for the current staff nurses to go abroad so that we can replace their position as staff in the hospital but that time foreign country are not accepting OFW because of the global recession.

That was one of my biggest disappointments in my life I even completed all the requirements, trainings, seminars that the hospital needs like basic life support /first aid and IVT trainings and some seminars related in my nursing career. Still I can’t find a hospital that will hire me as their staff so that I can be a good provider for my daughter and also to gain experience to go abroad because we are required for at least 2-3 years to have an experience.

“YES!! Finally I get the Job!!”

Being a single father at young age, I need to be more practical and to find a job that are not related to my nursing career while waiting on my application in the hospital to call me, I applied in the call center industry, but I cannot get the job because I’m not good in English so I experienced rejection after rejection and that was so frustrating. I decided  to try my fortune in sales even though that was one of my biggest fears because I’m not good in communicating to people and I’m an introvert type of person and surely I’ll experience rejection again in my application and I remember when I was on the training I thought what would be my future.

Bakit hindi ako natatanggap?

I’m a college graduate and also a registered nurse, bakit hindi ako makakuha ng trabaho?

That moment something popped-up on my mind to call one person because I remember she offered me a job to become a salesman so timing there was an opening and they interviewed me and they accepted me as one of their trainees and I was really surprised that I passed the trainings and got that job to become one of their Medical Representatives.

The company is so big and really famous here in the Philippines in fact; it is the top 2 biggest local pharma in the Phil because of its very good products. In my first 3 months in sales I want to quit because of so many rejections from the doctors and even my products were good every time that I offer to them they just simply ignore me, but I kept on and continued and always think that this is for my daughter’s future (para to sa anak ko hinding hindi ako susuko)

As I continue, I started to like the Job because I met new people every day and have new set of friends. But along the way I realize something, I’m so busy working hard, but I still have no savings in the bank because in sales even you work really hard to sell your products if you cannot not hit the quota target you will not get your commission worst case scenario, if you hit 98-99 % sales ha-ha 🙂 still you won’t get paid for your commission and your boss will say better luck next time 🙂 saklap noh???  Pero wala tayo magagawa pinapasweldo tayo ni boss eh unless magtayo ng sariling company 🙂

“Ganito ba talaga ang buhay ng isang normal na empleyado walang maipon at halos wala na ako time para sa anak ko? Ang iniisip ko kung nung time na yun ayoko ng ganito buhay for the rest of my life! I want change!”,

That very moment, I prayed to God to give me an opportunity that will change my life because I want to give the best life for my daughter and my family.

“This Is It!”

One of the biggest blessings that happened in my life when someone invited me to attend a catholic prayer meeting called The Feast led by Bro Bo Sanchez held every Sunday at PICC. I remember, she invited me when I’m on my Rock Bottom of my life, I lost my job and lose my career in nursing and my ex- girlfriend broke up with me. So I decided to go with her and we attended the mass and when the talk started I remember those words that Bro Bo Sanchezsaid “You’re biggest problem will become your biggest blessing” that word touched me like an arrow hit my soul and I felt the Love of God that pouring down on my life and that time I heard a voice inside of me saying, “TRUST ME, EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT”.

I constantly attend in that prayer gathering because I was so inspire by Bro Bo’s teachings especially on wealth. He is an entrepreneur and started from the poor beginning as a missionary and now he uses money to bless the world and to build church and ministry and I prayed to God that I want to be an entrepreneur someday like him and to bless the lives of many people.

I made a decision not to pursue my nursing career anymore because I don’t want to leave my daughter here in the Philippines and go abroad because my relationship with my daughter is more important than the material things ”Kung pwede naman ako umasenso kahit nasa Pinas ako at magkaroon ako ng mas maraming oras para sa anak ko”. I’m not saying being o.f.w is wrong, it’s just I made a decision not to leave my daughter.

Then one day God answered my prayer, there’s this guy so closed to me and I considered him one of my mentors in the community. I learned a lot from him with his words of wisdom and advice, I shared with him my dilemma in life and I cried to him, one afternoon he invited me to meet him and he told me he will show something, so I go and meet him and in my surprise he showed me an opportunity and it was a Network Marketing Opportunity!

Naranasan mo na rin ba to? Haha, sa isip-isip ko nun si bro talaga oh bebentahan pako tsk,tsk 🙂

That time I was so skeptical and negative because I really don’t have any idea what’s in Network Marketing, I thought network marketing is Pyramiding and it is the common perception here in the Philippines about the industry.

I attended the whole business presentation and right that moment I said to myself “THIS IS IT!!”ito na ang matagal ko ng hinihintay, my misconception about the industry changed right that moment when I truly understood it .I really wanted to become an entrepreneur so I chose network marketing to start my entrepreneurial career because I can start the business with just a very low capital but very high in hope and one of my reasons to join him was because I don’t have any millions to start up my own business and I really trust that guy.

I was so inspired to the story of those people that started from rags to riches and they are now experiencing life that I want.. I’m a single father, I want to give only the BEST for my daughter and also to give my parents the life that they not yet experiencing and to travel with them all over the world, “ang sarap mabuhay na ang iniisip mo palagi ay makatulong” .

That’s the start of my journey of being entrepreneur but being entrepreneur, failures is your ticket to success and you know what happen next? I failed on that said business but there’s a strong voice within me that are telling me not to give up and until I find my true purpose and my passion when I discovered online marketing and blogging.

“Are You A Failure?”

Thomas Edison, Michael Jordan, Walt Disney and Henry ford what’s common among them? , maybe you’re saying  “C’mon Adrian obviously they are one of the great and the most successful people in the history that has made big contribution in this world” yes, you’re right!, but you know before they reach that pinnacle of success they are bunch of failures.

Thomas Edison before he discovers the light bulb he failed 9,999 times, Michael Jordan was cut from the high school basketball team and he had more missed shot than the winning shot in his entire career in the NBA, Walt Disney went bankrupt many times before he builds Disney land and also Henry Ford went bankrupt before he builds the ford motors.

What’s my point? The most successful people in the world are those who failed the most. That’s why John Maxwell says, “yes, you have to fail, but to fail forward because of that failure you will learn to succeed in life.” Those failures will become your stepping block for your success, according to Robert Kiyosaki, “In life “sometimes you win sometimes you learn.”

Is life dragging you back and pulling you on your limitation? You feel that you’re going backward instead of going forward? Always remember this you will become like a bow and arrow, the harder it pull the greater you will become, because God will launch you for something big “no eyes has seen, no ear has heard!” believe that those difficulties and problems will become your biggest blessing in life.

“I Find My Purpose and Calling in Life”

Now I’m happy to say that because of those failures and challenges that I’ve gone through in my life I found my true purpose and my calling in life to become, On-line Entrepreneur and Evangelist to spread God’s Love in this Modern Times, to become Jesus to Everyone.

To be the great father, to my daughter that she can ever have.

One of my dreams right now is to become a Millionaire Missionary because I want to help many people especially my fellow Filipino. I thank God that He gave me the right people to mentor me in achieving my purpose because they already living the dreams that I want and I know in due time I will be someone I want to become through God’s help. Because of failures that I had, I find myself now helping people to also achieve their dreams in life and to love and serve them without expecting anything in return.

My personal message for you brother and sister, is that whatever circumstance you’re in now, it will lead you for your great purpose in life just like what happened in me.

Let God use your pain to bless the world. Like me, I let go, and let God use me in Radical way. You are a Child of GOD, that’s why you are a champion! Never Give Up!! The Best is yet to come!

Praying For You Always,

-Adrian Milag

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