Ang Pagmamahal Na Bumago Sa Buhay Ko

Have you ever asked yourself, “How much does God love me?”. Obviously, the answer will be like this: “Yes, God loves us so much to the point that He gave us His only begotten Son”. But all of us know that— so the real question is this:

Have you experienced that love?

Are you really convinced of that love?

Many years ago, I’m one of those Catholics who was forced to go to mass because I have no choice. I remember during my elementary days, I needed to attend the mass every Sunday because my religion teacher will base our grades on it, and we should always bring our “mass cards” for the priest to sign, as a proof that we attended the mass.

And for many years, I thought being a Catholic Christian is doing routines and traditions which is why I never really understood the essence of it.

Then at the age of 20, I experienced the biggest storm in my life— for many years I struggled to live thinking living is not worth living anymore. I almost gave up that to the verge that I wanted to struck myself with a knife to end all the pain and escape my problems. That was the time someone invited me to attend The Feast, and it was my biggest turn around of my life!

On those moments of mourning was when God revealed Himself to me, of who He really is! That’s the time I experienced the love that was unexplainable. The time God embraced me on moments that I feel I am not worthy of His love.

I experienced a true Father, who lifted me up and wiped away my tears. I experienced the great Love that cannot be found in this world.

I realized that “mahal na mahal na mahaaaal pala ako ni Lord inspite of my sins, my failure, my brokeness.”

Friends, that is the God that we serve. He is not “just” a God of your routines every Sunday. He is your personal God and He wants you to experience how high and deep His love is for you.


Praying For You Always,

-Adrian Milag


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