Bakit nga ba may pasko?

Christmas is reminding us that in the darkest moment of our life, even in our worst moment, kahit yung pinaka madumi at pinaka-pangit pa na pangyayari satin , There is always a Hope, There is always a light, just like what happened on the first Christmas na sobrang gulo ng Israel nung time na yun. Jesus came on that perfect moment to give light and hope to the whole nation.

That was the perfect plan of God, a radical plan of God, not only to deliver them on the Roman Empire! No, hindi yun! But to redeem us from the slavery of sin through Jesus Christ! And God Show us His unconditional love for us even if we sin so much and we fail Him many times God says this “My son I still love you and I will forgive you from all your sin”.

Christmas is all about our Love story with God, kahit na lumayo pa tayo sa kanya, kahit itakwil ka pa ng mundong to , God will never leave you nor forsake you at pinakita nya yun when He gave us His only begotten son and He is Jesus the “Immanuel“ that God is always with us. He loves us so much.

I don’t know what you’re going through right now, maari hindi masaya ang pasko mo at magisa ka lang and your situation are so hopeless. Allow me to encourage you!

Hey! Hindi totoo yan! God knows what you’re going through right now and He allows it for a purpose, He allows it to happen so that when your miracle came you know that it is God who gives you that miracle and it is God who redeems you on your situation.

God works in mysterious ways and His ways are higher than ours! You need to trust him and hold on to his promises and Christmas is a perfect reminder of God that even in your hopeless situation He is with us.

Pwede na nga sila itapon ng Dyos eh , pero God pick them up and He send Jesus to shine the light and hope to the world! Kaya nasa dulo ng taon ang pasko para ipaalala sayo na tatapusin ng Dyos kung anu sinimulan nya sa buhay mo at hindi sya papayag na magtamupay ang kadiliman sa buhay mo.

Believe that something great will come out in your adversity be assured that JESUS CHRIST loves us all! Nothing is impossible with God!

Merry Christmas to you and to your family!

Watch the video below.


Praying For You Always,

-Adrian Milag


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