Love something? Make a business out of it!

Is there something that you really, really, really like, that you want to build a business of?

Books? Numbers? Art? Coffee? Or maybe, like in Cybell Roa’s case… tea?

How do you turn your passion into profit? How do you stand out from the ten thousand other businesses that offer the same thing? Where can you get amazing ideas to make your business click?

I know you have all these questions in mind.

Which is why I’m inviting you to come and join us today in Success Live. Cybell loves tea, and she wants to build a cafe. But she knows that it’s going to be hard work setting up a business like this. There are a thousand things to do, and a million things to consider.

But she did it. She owns Tea O’Clock. And it’s becoming really popular.

Know how she did it. So you can do it too.

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Praying For You Always,

-Adrian Milag


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